Bandman Kevo Claims Jackboy Is "Definitely Getting A** Shots"

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The 15th Annual Headies Awards
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Jackboy attends the 15th Annual Headies Awards at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on September 04, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Bandman Kevo recently accused Jackboy of getting testosterone shots in his backside.

During a recent interview with Say Cheese!, Bandman Kevo made some claims about Jackboy. According to him, the Haiti-born artist is using testosterone shots to grow his backside. It's unconfirmed at this point whether or not Jackboy has actually been using any kind of drugs. With that being said, Jackboy accused Bandman Kevo of having a BBL last month, so this could just be his clapback.

"I digged real deep," Bandman Kevo explained in the interview. "Like real, real, real deep, and found out, no, the n***a don't got a BBL but he's definitely taking shots in his a**, bro. He's definitely getting a** shots." He continued, "Basically, what he's doing, the n***a on the juice. You ever heard of the juice? We ain't talking about Smoothie King. So, long story short, I don't know who putting that shot in his a*s by his booty hole, bro, but he's basically off the testosterone ... That's why you see that crazy transformation."

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Bandman Kevo Accuses Jackboy Of Taking Testosterone

Bandman Kevo went on to say that Jackboy should stop using testosterone, and to claim that he appears to be developing breasts in some of his videos. According to him, that can be a result of improperly using "the juice." "You might as well lay it on the table," he tells Jackboy, explaining that he has no right to accuse him of having a BBL when he himself is allegedly getting "a** shots."

In July, Jackboy took to social media, perpetuating rumors that Bandman Kevo has a Brazilian Butt Lift. He went live, showing off his home gym and telling followers, “For y’all don’t have to be on none of these hard drugs." He continued, "For y’all don’t have to go get no surgeries and be laying on your back. Laying on your back getting the BBL like BandMan." He continued, showing viewers various pieces of equipment he had laying around. "Don’t go get no BBL,” he added.

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