JackBoy Flexes Home Gym While Claiming BandMan Kevo Has A BBL

JackBoy made some bold claims about the rapper.

BYBen Mock
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JackBoy has perpetuated the rumors that BadMan Kevo has a BBL. Appearing in a live stream video, Jackboy flexed a collection of workout equipment in his home. "For y'all don't have to be on none of these hard drugs. For y'all don't have to go get no surgeries and be laying on your back. Laying on your back getting the BBL like BandMan. Imma show you everything you need. This all you need at the crib." At this point, Jackboy shows off two 50 lb barbells. And look, I just got this. Get you a pull up bar. Dip bar. No sir. This is all you crib. So you don't need, don't go get no BBL."

Despite the fact that there is literally no evidence that BandMan has gotten the risky surgery, the rumors still persist. But the real question is - why does it matter? For real, why does it matter if he went under the knife to get a fatter ass? If that's what he wants, then good for him. We as a society have demonized cosmetic surgery. Sure, a BBL is a very risky proceed and we have very recently seen the tragic consequences of the procedure. However, wanting the surgery is not the problem. Wanting a bigger ass is not the problem. The problem, at least to society as a whole, is that a BBL is considered feminine. Having a big ass is considered feminine. And god forbid that a man not be flat as a board and covered in muscle.

JackBoy BandMan BBL Rumors

Because at the end of the day, that's the real issue. JackBoy isn't saying "don't get a BBL because it's dangerous". JackBoy is saying "Don't get a BBL because men shouldn't get BBLs." That's why he's wondering around his dingy garage showing off workout equipment. That's what real men should do - work out and build muscle. You shouldn't have a fat ass, you should have a muscular ass. But all of this ties into the innate and systemic homophobia that is prevalent in our society. Men should not look feminine. Men shouldn't behave in feminine ways such as hugging other men.

It's all bullshit. Be the person you want to be. If that includes defying gender norms, absolutely go ahead and defy those gender norms. Have the ass you want to have. Use the pronouns you want to use. Dress the way that you want to dress. Don't let society shame you into conforming to a Western gender binary. Absolutely be who you want to be. Again, there is absolutely no evidence that BandMan has gotten a BBL. But if he has, then there is not a damn thing wrong with that. And if you think there is, you are the problem.


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