Bandman Kevo Replaces Gunna With A Rat In New Music Video

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Bandman Kevo dissed Gunna in his new music video.

Bandman Kevo recently dropped a new music video for his song "Alone." He had previously teased the release of the new video, with a screenshot featuring Gunna covered by the superimposed rat. Now, he's shared the full music video with fans. It appears as though Gunna being replaced by a rat has taken center stage.

Bandman Kevo is far from the only person to label Gunna a "rat" as of late. Amid accusations that he "snitched" on Young Thug during the YSL RICO trial, several of his peers have publicly cut ties with him. Boosie Badazz, Lil Durk, Lil Gotit, and more have all called the rapper a "rat." Gunna, however, just unveiled his new album, a Blessing & a Curse. The LP has been fairly well-received by most considering the ongoing drama surrounding him.

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Bandman Kevo Disses Gunna In "Alone" Video

Bandman Kevo had previously Tweeted about Gunna, revealing that he wanted his money back for the feature he paid for. "I paid gunna last year for a feature 250k," he wrote. "And months later he got a caught case which put my feature and everything else got put on hold , just for him to get released and snitch." He added, "I can't do a song with dude I need my bread back asap and if they cap im going big lawsuit."

In April, he spoke to Say Cheese! about the Twitter rant. "Really, I want more money for all the time I wasted over a year," the artist explained. He went on to say, "I feel like I deserve some real M's because who knows what the song could have been at before you [Gunna] messed your name up." Bandman Kevo revealed that he'd like to receive $5 million from Gunna, saying, "Realistically, before he got locked up I would have dropped the song and he would have posted and it would have did what it did. I was gon' make the song go big."

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