BandMan Kevo Fined In Jamaica For Dangerous Driving

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BandMan Kevo had a bad time on the roads while on vacation.

Chicago rapper BandMan Kevo has seemingly gotten himself into hot water in Jamaica. A video has surfaced of the musician driving erratically on the roads of the Caribbean nation. While the video is not exactly 4K, Kevo reportedly struck two cars while transporting 16 people to his villa for a vacation. It is unknown if anyone was injured during the incidents that Kevo wasn reportedly involved in.

No matter how erratically he drove, it seems he could not escape the long arm of Jamaican law enforcement. Kevo was reportedly arrested, charged, and released for his dangerous driving. It appears that Kevo will not face jail time. However, he will have to pay for the damage to the cars he hit. Kevo published a brief video about being arrested but has since returned to posting vacation snaps.

Kevo Fined For Dangerous Driving

A compilation of Kevo's very bad day on the road was uploaded to Instagram by DJ Akademiks. However, there is little more to the story . Kevo was detained and released, with Akademiks reporting that the rapper had to pay for the damage he caused. This did not deter Kevo, who later posted a picture of him posing with ATVs. The caption read "When you a hustler and you put God first you gone always bounce back ‼️🤷‍♂️". Despite this, the comments on the video are more interesting, as they appear to somewhat defend Kevo's erratic driving.

"I was in a taxi in Jamaica and the driver was bending corners on a cliff going 50, passing other cars by an inch and calmly telling us about how they eat and use goats as currency 😭them mfers different you couldn’t pay me to drive out there with an entire nation of stun drivers behind the wheel" wrote one commenter. "Driving in Jamaica really like crash bandicoot" replied rapper Cochise. Road accidents are the 13th most-common cause of death in Jamaica. Many of the nation's road accidents are due to excessive speeding. Where was the worst driving you've experienced? Be sure to check HotNewHipHop for all the latest viral videos and news.


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