Lizzo & Post Malone Share Thoughts On UFOs, Aliens & The U.S. Congress Hearings

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Lizzo Post Malone UFO Alien Congress Hearing
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Lizzo's in shock, and Posty thinks it's a likely possibility; which side are you on?

Among the overload of pop culture news and content, one particularly conspiratorial recent event sticks out like a skinny green spaceman from the rest. Moreover, U.S. social media went wild over recent Congressional hearings alleging the existence of alien life forms, UFOs, and cover-up stories. Of course, this level of shock but also ridicule isn't exclusive to mere mortals; celebrities are getting into the weeds, too. Lizzo and Post Malone are among the superstars that just had to comment on these bizarre allegations and developments, and the former took to Twit- sorry, "X"- to share her thoughts. While it's a simple message, at least the multi-hyphenate entertainer acknowledged that we already have our feeds quite overcrowded.

"Aye.. I know there’s a lot of pop culture news and memes going on rn but…" Lizzo tweeted- or Xeeted, I guess. "THE GOVERNMENT JUST STATED *UNDER OATH* THAT THEY ARE IN POSSESSION OF UFOs AND NON-HUMAN ALIEN BODIES YALL WTF." However, maybe the funniest part about her tweet is that, for many, this news is precisely that right now: a pop culture meme. Still, Post Malone shares a slightly different view (or at least a more hopeful one), one he told Zane Lowe about during a recent interview.

Lizzo Freaks Out About UFO Hearing In Congress

"You look back at like Roswell, and they’re like, ‘We found a weather balloon,’" the Syracuse-born artist expressed referring to the site of an alleged UFO crash. "Even like [Battle: Los Angeles]… what [the movie] is based on. Maybe it was the 40s or 50s, there was this object. And there’s pictures of us trying to blow it up," Post Malone continued. "Even now, for them to be like, ‘Oh well, we didn’t really have anything. We didn’t see anything. There was nothing there.’ But now, even the pilots are like, ‘We definitely saw some s**t. There’s definitely something.'

Post Malone's Interview With Zane Lowe

"I am sure if you ask somebody two questions," he remarked. "If you’re like, ‘Do you wanna know what happens after you die? Or do you wanna know if aliens exist?’ What happens after you die, I’d be like, ‘No, not really because that’s gonna happen.’ But the whole alien deal, you don’t know if the aliens are gonna come down and vaporize you. What if they’re your cool uncle from space?" Maybe we'll hear some more thoughts on this alien conspiracy on his upcoming new album. Regardless, for more on Post Malone, Lizzo, and artists addressing the final frontier (and its potential lifeforms), stay logged into HNHH.

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