Tyga, Lil Wayne, & Mario Together On Music Video Set

Tyga, Mario, and Lil Wayne have a video on the way.

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It looks like there's a blast from hip-hop past happening in the film studio. Tyga and Lil Wayne are teaming up with Mario for a music video shoot, according to 2Cool2Blog on Instagram. The quick video shows the three of them lined up, staring and mugging for the cameras that are flashing behind the video. Lil Wayne is smoking without a shirt -- naturally -- while Tyga is dressed in some classic baggy regalia and a thick chain. Mario, on the right of the screen, is in a furry coat and faded blue jeans.

While Mario and Tyga are both shaded up inside the film shoot, Lil Wayne has a backward baseball cap on and a grin on his face. This photo opportunity and music video is for Mario's "Main One," which features both Weezy and Tyga on the track. The song drops on Friday, July 21st, according to Mario's Sony Music Fans website. "Main One" will be a remix of Mario's 2022 song with Tory Lanez.

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What Is This Hip-Hop Trio Up To?

The trio are getting together for the first time. Tyga, of course, got his start with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne's labels, back in 2008. He's currently heading out on tour with YG and Saweetie, but he had enough time to hit the music video set and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. Mario, whose full name is Mario Dewar Barrett, got his start in 2002 at the age of 14. His last studio album was 2018's Dancing Shadows, and his last EP was 2020's Closer to Mars. Mario is looking to make a musical comeback with a new album in 2024.

As for Lil Wayne, he continues to be prolific with his rap career. Even at 40 years of age, he's still working to put out new music. Earlier this year, he dropped an album of greatest hits titled I Am Music. It's also reported that he's working on Tha Carter VI. So even though he theoretically "retired" back in the 2010s, he still has that itch to be one of the best in the hip-hop industry. The three hip-hop stars are all looking to get back in the spotlight after hiatuses. "Main One" might just be the ticket.

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