Chrisean Rock Hilariously Reacts To Blueface's Corny Antics On "Crazy In Love"

"When you pregnant, hungry, hot with a wig on, traveling when you want to lay down… Ain’t shit funny," one social media user commented on the clip.

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Many couples do their best to show only the highlight reels of their lives to the world on social media. Blueface and Chrisean Rock, on the other hand, prefer to share the good, bad, and incredibly ugly with their fans, resulting in the creation of their Zeus reality series, Crazy In Love last year. The first season attracted plenty of attention, and despite the negative reviews, it was eventually renewed for another, which finally kicked off on Sunday (July 16). As expected, the premiere was filled with plenty of drama, mostly surrounding Rock's pregnancy announcement.

Even in front of the cameras, Blueface doesn't hold back when expressing his concerns about the paternity of Rock's baby. He compared her to the "boy who cried wolf," accusing the 23-year-old of lying to him so many times that he's having a hard time discerning what's real and fake anymore. The young starlet shed plenty of tears over the soon-to-be father of three, but there were moments on the show's latest episode that prove how tired she's growing of his behaviour too.

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Chrisean Rock Grows Weary of Blueface's Unserious Nature

"I'm kind of hungry," Chrisean tells her beau in one viral Crazy In Love snippet. "That's good," he immediately responds. "You can eat me up," Blueface adds, causing his obviously irritated co-star to give him a hilarious nod of agreement that has the internet cracking up. "She had to tap the center of forehead to calm her chakra down 😂😂😂," one IG user wrote after witnessing Rock's hilarious reaction to her future baby daddy's failure to provide a nutritious meal for her and their child. "When you pregnant, hungry, hot with a wig on, travelling when you want to lay down… Ain’t shit funny," another person chimed in.

Chrisean Rock may finally be separating herself from Blueface's tumultuous life, but that doesn't mean the "Thotiana" rapper is without a woman by his side. His recent efforts have turned toward helping his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, become a star on his MILF Music label. Check out how the audience at Druski's live show reacted to her debut performance this past weekend at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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