YNW Melly Trial: Lead Investigator Admits To Threatening Witnesses

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YNW Melly Trial Lead Investigator Threaten Witnesses
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Day 15 of the case proceedings also brought forth potentially damning text messages sent by the accused rapper.

Day 15 of the YNW Melly trial for double murder (Monday, July 17) had both sides of the case taking small victories, but also equivalent losses. Moreover, on the prosecution's end, they revealed potentially damning text messages during a cross-examination. Furthermore, their investigation brought forth alleged messages from Melly to Peezy Gambino saying that he "did that," which prosecutors believe is his admission of guilt. However, disagreements over how the rapper typically spells "that" as "dat" in his uncovered texts make this a bit murkier. A more solid revelation was the case's lead investigator, Detective Mark Moretti, admitting to threatening various witnesses.

Many outlets reported on these developments thanks to the work of journalists like Cathy Russon, Terri Austin, and Bryson "Boom" Paul. Through social media, they detailed and summarized some of the most important takeaways from Det. Moretti's testimony. For example, they reported that Moretti particularly made threatening statements to YNW Melly's manager, Jameson "100 Track" Francois. Not only that, but he specifically made foreboding comments about deportation and jail time to the music executive. With these developments in mind, it's clear that this trial tread a lot of ethically muddy water in its pursuit of acquittal or conviction.

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YNW Melly Case's Lead Detective Admits To Threats

In other news concerning this legal proceeding, another set of text messages that appeared in court were YNW Melly's messages to his mother. Interestingly enough, the defense team tried to block these texts from the court because they were apparently disrespectful to his mom. "There are a number of mothers on the jury who may be inclined to convict just because they have heard irrelevant, unrelated conversations between Mr. Demons and his mother," his lawyer claimed. Regardless, the judge allowed for the prosecution to present these as evidence, and it's unclear how what they reveal will be relevant to the trial.

Meanwhile, the next day of this case will be tomorrow, Tuesday (July 18). In addition to all this, the court also named other potential suspects in the double murder, including Quando Rondo, Fredo Bang, YNW Bortlen, and more, some of which were ruled out. Melly's lawyer even made a motion for a judgement of acquittal, which the judge will consider. For more news and the latest updates on the YNW Melly trial, stick around on HNHH.

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