Soulja Boy Allegedly Owes $1 Million In Back Taxes

Soulja Boy also owes his ex-girlfriend $236K in damages.

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According to reports, Soulja Boy is in a bit of a sticky situation when it comes to his finances. Allegedly, the artist owes roughly $1 million in back taxes. It's also been reported that Soulja Boy doesn't own the home he currently lives in. The situation is certainly not good, especially considering the fact that he owes his ex a good chunk of money in damages.

Soulja Boy's ex-girlfriend, Kayla Meyers, filed a lawsuit against the rapper in 2020. She accused him of assaulting and kidnapping her at a party in his home in 2019. He was later ordered to pay her roughly $236K in damages. The money was intended to cover her “physical and mental pain and suffering" as well as “mental health expenses." He was then ordered to pay her an additional $236 in "punitive damages."

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Soulja Boy Owes His Ex $236K

Meyers' attorney, Max Engelhardt, shared a statement following the verdict. “We’re pleased with the jury’s verdict for $472,000," he explained, "Mr. Way [Soulja Boy] assaulted and terrorized Kayla, and that was borne out by the evidence and testimony. The punitive damages were substantial, and hopefully they will serve as a lesson to Mr. Way that his celebrity status is not a license to commit violence.”

Last month, Soulja Boy requested a retrial. The rapper's legal team cited “irregularity in the proceedings of the court, jury or adverse party, or any order of the court or abuse of discretion by which either party was prevented from having a fair trial.” Judge Mark Epstein then claimed that important evidence was not shown to the jury during the trial. This includes the artist's financial affairs. “The court is concerned that, absent at least some evidence on this point, the issue should never have gone to the jury,” noted a judicial clerk. The situation will be reassessed later this month. Depending how things go, Soulja Boy may have another opportunity to get out of the payment.

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