Quando Rondo Arrested On Drug Charges

Quando Rondo is reportedly behind bars in Chatham County.

BYCaroline Fisher
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According to TMZ, Never Broke Again rapper Quando Rondo was arrested today on various drug charges. The outlet claims that he was booked for two counts of conspiracy to violate Georgia's controlled substances law, and one count of participating in criminal activity affiliated with a street gang, as well as one count of illegal use of a cell phone to facilitate a drug deal. Records say that the artist is currently behind bars in Chatham County.

Quando Rondo, along with 18 other people, was indicted for allegedly conducting drug deals from October of 2022 to June of this year. Prosecutors are claiming that in April, he told one of the other indicted individuals to negotiate prices for marijuana, and later went to Macon, GA to purchase the goods. The artist also allegedly managed the "Rollin’ 60’s” gang, and told other members to avoid carrying weapons in vehicles he was in.

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Quando Rondo Accused Of Facilitating A Drug Deal

Several other indicted individuals are also accused of trafficking various controlled substances. This includes 28 grams of fentanyl, over four grams of cocaine, around 20 grams of M30 pills, and hydrocodone pills. They're also accused of selling drugs out of a Savannah, GA residence. He may have seen the arrest coming, as shortly before he was locked up, Quando Rondo posted a Tweet where he appears to say goodbye to various family members. Hearings for the case are not yet scheduled.

In January of this year, Quando Rondo released his song, "Long Live Pabb." The song was a response to the death of his close friend, Lul Pab. The rapper and his entourage, including Lul Pab, were attacked in August of 2022. The attack left one member of the crew with minor injuries, and Quando Rondo was caught in the gunfire. Lul Pab was also shot in the attack, eventually leading to his death. Quando Rondo previously told Angela Yee that the incident felt like "an out-of-body experience."

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