YNW Melly Update: Alleged Killer Appears To Pray Before Jurors Enter Courtroom

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The long-awaited trial is currently being live streamed, and all eyes have been on Melly.

Ahead of his second day in court, YNW Melly's team shared a post to his Instagram page not only promoting the live stream of the proceedings but also asking for prayers for the embattled artist. Melly – real name Jamell Demons – can rest assured that at least a few of his over four million followers sent him their well wishes, but that didn't stop him from seemingly praying for himself as well. In a clip from Law & Crime's coverage of the double murder trial reposted to @nojumper, Melly appears to take a moment to calm down and connect with God before quickly freshening up his outfit.

"Before jurors entered the courtroom this morning, @YNWMelly appeared to pray, holding his hands to his face then slowly lowering them to his side," reporters wrote on Twitter this afternoon (June 13). "He later closed his eyes and took a deep breath," they added. As the clip continues to circulate on social media, some critics are speculating that Demons was actually conducting a spell of some sort. Those with more empathy remarked that sitting on trial with a death sentence weighing on your shoulders has to be "the world feeling ever."

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YNW Melly Seemingly Puts His Trust in God

According to other reports from the courthouse, Melly has been "all smiles" since returning from his lunch break today. "He is known for his charismatic appeal. It's on full display right now," correspondent Bryson "Boom" Paul remarked. Elsewhere, the journalist has been taking note of Boosie Badazz's demeanour during testimony.

The Louisana native, who previously beat murder charges of his own in 2012, was in court on day one as well. At the time, he came annoyed with a man near him sleeping during the proceedings and failed to return after a break. Today, however, Boosie was notably serious as the prosecution questioned Tara Carroll, the crime scene investigator at Miramar P.D. So far, he's the only rapper to show Demons any support.

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Law & Crime Live Stream

Watch YNW Melly's double murder trial unfolding live from Broward County on Law & Crime's YouTube channel below. Do you have any predictions based on how things are going so far? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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