The summer has been filled with Usher news. Pretty much every week there’s a new development to his herpes lawsuit. Today, TMZ is reporting that his unnamed accuser is saying the singer has been fraudulently transferring his assets.

In another strange twist to the Usher lawsuit, his accuser is saying that she has reason to believe that the singer has been transferring his money to other people so in the case that he’s found guilty, he won’t have to pay up the $20 million she requested. This is more her speculation because she isn’t a hundred per cent positive on what exactly he’s been up to but she is scared that that may be the case. 

The claims stems the accuser’s lawyer Lisa West. In her legal documents, she speculates that Usher decision to delay the discovery process in the case by 90 days was done so he didn’t have to immediately disclose the amount of money he had with the court. While, again, there isn’t much saying why he did it, West is apparently suspicious on the decision. 

It’s another strange piece of news on Usher’s case. The strangest part perhaps, is that we haven’t heard much from the other accusers recently.

Usher had recently responded to the accusations through court papers, again obtained by TMZ. In them, he allegedly noted that there’s no mention of her getting tested prior to any sexual contact and that she potentially contracted the STD through other sexual partners. He has since asked the court to throw out the lawsuit. He also flipped the script on the accuser saying that it’s essentially her responsibility, considering that she had “casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and/or oral sex.” 

While nobody has settled anything, it seems that Usher isn’t looking to go down this way. The accusations against Usher began popping up in April and has since been a victim to the snowball effect. After the first one came out, three other people made claims that he had slept with them without telling them that he had herpes.

It’s definitely been a strange year for Usher. We will continue to update you as the story continues to unfold.