There’s been a lot of speculation and misdirection when it comes to separating the truth and lies in the Usher STD drama. The singer, who was named in a lawsuit that lists both male and female victims, supposedly passes a case of herpes on to several sexual partners without disclosing his condition to them beforehand. Celebrity scandal lawyer du jour Lisa Bloom vowed to bring the facts to light in order to make Usher pay for his transgressions, but lately there hasn’t been much progress on that front. Not only has the Confessions hitmaker vehemently denied all the allegations that have been lobbed in his direction, but one of his accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, reportedly lied about making a sex tape with him, damaging her credibility considerably. Today, the saga took a new turn, with Usher’s male accuser divulging some juicy details about their supposed tryst.

According to TMZ, the singer and his male companion supposedly did the deed in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles. It was during this steamy session that Usher exposed this man to genital herpes, which has caused him to speak up and join the lawsuit, along with the other female accusers. No further details were given as to the sexual escapades between the two men, but if security camera footage eventually deems this tale to be true, it would certainly blow this case wide open and give power back to those who have their names on the suit already. As per another section of the report, the woman who has yet to reveal her identity in connection to the Usher case is claiming that she had sex with Usher at least twice, which later led to her twins were stillborn. According to her, stillbirth is a “direct consequence” of giving birth while infected with herpes.

Usher has not revealed whether or not he has herpes and has refused to take an STD test to prove this one way or the other. Even though he’s called all of his accusers liars, the more stories that surface, the greater chance there is for Usher to have this scandal stick with him in the long-term.


Usher's Male STD Accuser Claims They Had Sex In Koreatown Spa