One thing that was made headlines throughout the whole summer was Usher's herpes scandal. Each week, some sort of new development added to the saga. Today, TMZ has reported that Usher has denied any wrongdoing to the judge and also told the court that all of the accusers are liars.

While there has yet to be an official response from Usher, or at least a public one, Usher's legal team has just responded to the California herpes lawsuit. His lawyers are denying all allegations held against him and more specifically, he's denying ever having sexual contact with them and emphasizing that he definitely did not give them herpes.

While earlier in the case, Usher had reportedly said that they assumed the risk of getting an STD by not using protection knowingly, he's taking this argument even further in court. The singer has also told the court that the three individuals accusing him of giving them herpes don't have any legal claim saying that anything that he did was unintentional and if he did have herpes, he wasn't aware of it. He's also claiming through his lawyers that the accusers have "unclean hands" however, they aren't specifying exactly what the accusers did wrong. 

While his accusers have come out of the woodwork to drag the "Let It Burn" singer's name through the mud, Usher has been denying each claim since. Yesterday, Quantasia Sharpton made a claim that there is video evidence that Usher and herself had sex however, that theory got quickly de-bunked shortly afterwards by her lawyer Lisa Bloom. She's been the most public accuser thusfar but has also been the quickest to have her credibility shot down. Who knows where this case will go at this point but by the sounds of it, Usher's clearly keeping to his story much better than Sharpton.

As this Usher saga continues to unravel, it doesn't seem to be stopping Usher in any way. He was recently seen in the studio with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox and is clearly not letting the accusations stop him from putting in work at the studio.

We'll be keeping you updated as the story develops further.