Usher is one of R&B music's most recognizable faces and voices, but his public images has recently been slightly tainted after he was named as the target of several lawsuits from both male and female accusers who claim that he passed on an STD to them. Of all the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton might be the most fascinating of the bunch. A woman who many social media users deemed to be a poor match for Usher in the bedroom based on their physical appearances, Sharpton nevertheless claimed that she and the music superstar did the deed while he was on the road, a story that was corroborated by the staff at the hotel in question. However, Usher came out and flatly denied those allegations, with contradictory tweets that painted Sharpton as a woman who desperately needed money supporting his argument. Now, TMZ has added an intriguing new wrinkle to this story: apparently the two have a sex tape floating around somewhere.

Before everyone reaches for their "WTF" button, let's examine the facts. The report indicates that Sharpton told told YouTube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor that not only did she film the sexual escapades that she engaged in with Usher, but he also supposedly knew they were being recorded the whole time. Why he didn't move to stop video evidence of this tryst from being taped seems odd, but Sharpton wasn't done, adding that her attorney, Lisa Bloom, is currently attempting to obtain video surveillance footage from the hotel Quantasia stayed at that night back in 2014 that would prove Usher went up to her room of his own volition. 

Again, Usher has denied the story that Sharpton has been spinning from the get-go, saying that he was too busy doting on his now-wife to bother with any affairs outside of his relationship. Also, Usher also told TMZ that Sharpton wasn't his "type." Despite having more holes in it than the plot of a Roland Emmerich film, the case continues to be pursued by Bloom, the woman who is also acting as Blac Chyna's legal counsel in her nasty split from Rob Kardashian.