Usher has quickly become the center of the latest online debate and IRL debacle, with a series of lawsuits claiming the singer gave would-be fans STDs. This follows fellow r'n'b singer R. Kelly's own swell of gossip concerning a purported sex cult.

Usher's drama began unfolding mid-July, with a report surfacing that claimed the singer paid out $1.1 million to a woman in 2012, who contacted herpes after sleeping with him. It's impossible to tell at this point where truth starts and lies begin, but basically since then, Usher has been sued by another woman who claims she hooked up with Usher twice, and despite not being infected with any STDs, says she wouldn't have done so had this information been disclosed to her-- she's seeking a cool $10 million. This began a snowball effect, apparently, with several more women coming forward to celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is now representing the main face of the Usher accusers, a woman named Quintasia Sharpton.

During all of this, it's been reported by "sources" that Usher's wife has stayed, and is staying, steadfast by his side.

The tables are turning, however, with the most public of Usher accusers, Quintasia Sharpton, facing scrutiny over recent social media activity. As unearthed by these internets following their press conference, Quintasia apparently tweeted "I need money" a week prior -- a screenshot of the tweet has been grabbed by TMZ, although Sharpton's twitter account is on private. Check out the tweet below.

Bloom, Sharpton's lawyer, has come to her defense ('cause that's her job), stating that her client is simply struggling financially, as many Americans are. "It's not a crime to be poor in America. It's not a crime to be honest about the fact you need money. Most people need money," Bloom says. She added that her client hasn't signified an exact dollar amount on her lawsuit against Usher-- she's simply asking the jury to be fair.

Another tweet under scrutiny is the fact that Quintasia also tweeted "Enjoying my last couple hours as a regular girl," right before going public with the news-- which may make her moves seem a bit premeditated, a lunge for fame, perhaps -- however her lawyer says she was just nervous, and that she's been "so brave to step forward."

What do you make of all this? Usher reportedly claims that he hasn't slept with Quintasia Sharpton, because he's not her type.