It appears the woman suing Usher for $20 million dollars for allegedly giving her herpes has come forward and revealed her identity. According to TMZ, a Georgia woman named Laura Helm claims she is the Jane Doe in the lawsuit, and has had two sexual encounters with the R&B singer. The first time occurred in April in Atlanta when a condom was used during intercourse, meanwhile the second time, which happened 12 days later, they did not use protection.

The documents, which TMZ was able to obtain, are very descriptive, but they say Helm “never saw him finish because she saw him run to the bathroom.” But the second encounter she remembers quiet vividly. In fact, Helm claims Usher set the mood that night by playing jazz music and going down on her. But then a "few days" later after their unprotected encounter, Helm says she noticed an “unusual bump on the inside of her cheek." Following that discovery, she noticed another similarly-sized growth on her vagina a few days later, which she described the bump as "the size of a green pea."

For what it’s worth, Helm says her and Usher were just platonic friends at first, but he wooed her by telling her about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.

As previously stated, Helm is suing the ATL rapper for a whopping $20 million dollars. Whether or not she gets that much remains to be seen, but you can see a picture of her for yourself (below).

This story surfaces just days after Usher told a judge that all the accusers were lying. In fact, one woman, Quantasia Sharpton, said they filmed a sextape during their encounter, but it turns out that Usher was indeed right and that she was lying about the sextape.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest with Usher and these lawsuits moving forward. In the meantime, watch the ATL rapper reminisce about the 20th anniversary of his hit single “My Way” right here while you wait. In addition, look for new music to be on the way from Usher as well. So stay tuned.