Usher has been on the quiet side lately, but that doesn't mean his name hasn't made the headlines. 4 individuals - 3 women and 1 man - have sued the singer, alleging that he came into sexual contact with them without informing anyone that he was carrying an STD. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, the same woman who handled Blac Chyna's affairs in the aftermath of Rob Kardashian's social media blow-up, has already brought one supposed victim out of the woodwork to testify in public. Now, a source close to Usher is letting the world know that the performer won't be going quietly.

According to TMZ, Usher won't be settling any of the lawsuits that have been levied against him so far. The singer reportedly has zero interest in paying off his accusers to simply make the allegations fade into the background. However, there is the possibility of potential settlements later on, depending on how far into a drawn-out court case this gets. According to the source, the cost-benefit balance to having a lawyer defend multiple lawsuits could strain Usher's resolve down the road as far as payouts are concerned.

At this point, with so many conflicting reports, there's no telling what's true and what's not. First, you have the saga involving Quantasia Sharpton, one of the female accusers and someone who has Bloom as her legal counsel. According to Usher, they never slept together, but an employee at a hotel in Atlantic City where the two supposedly had a one-night affair claims that the two did in fact do the deed. Second, you have the fact that there has been no hard evidence of any misgiving on Usher's part, and without that, it's hard to put these claims into concrete gradations of trustworthiness. However, the singer's insurance company says they won't cover the lawsuits should be lose the cases in a court of law, since their policy that he purchased doesn't include any coverage for STD-related issues. The next step looks to be for Usher's side to fire back with some sort of official statement or even a counter suit, if he is in fact innocent. The tactic of "hear no evil, speak no evil" may not be doing him any good long-term.