Tyga has become a polarizing figure, although the feeling seems misplaced. The California-bred rapper has released over 15 mixtapes, he’s experienced the success and fame a smash hit (or two) will bring, he’s worked alongside some of the most respected names in rap, and he’s entangled himself with the most famous family on the planet. Despite Tyga’s longevity and his immersion in the rap game, he’s still trying to find himself, or at least, find the version of himself he wants to present to the world. This is something he expresses a desire to do in our new digital cover story.

Outwardly, T-Raww is a rap superstar with all the matching accoutrement: the girl, cars, clothes, jewelry, and posse. His struggle is more internal, however, as he attempts to figure out “how to connect with people” without necessarily losing the wall of privacy and the persona he’s built over all of these years. Much of what we know about Tyga is merely surface-level — his upbringing and his personal life (beyond the tabloid gossip, that is) remain much of a mystery. 

As he prepares to release Bitch I’m the Shit 2, the second installment of one of his most beloved mixtapes, we headed out to L.A. to get an early listen of the anticipated release at the G.O.O.D. Music studio in North Hollywood and attempt to crack Tyga’s shell. Check back with us in a couple of hours for the full digital cover story, which will give you a glimpse at the forthcoming mixtape and Tyga’s mindset over the past two years.



Digital Cover Story: Tyga (February/March)