Taylor Swift And Ice Spice Drop The Video For “Karma” Remix

There may have been some drama surrounding the release of the remix, but the pair have decided to ignore it and push forward.

BYNoah Grant
Taylor Swift And Ice Spice Drop The Video For “Karma” Remix

Ice Spice has been enjoying a series of great successes over the past year. The winning streak continued when Taylor Swift announced their collaboration. Swift took to social media to reveal that Ice Spice would be featured on the remix of her 2022 track "Karma." The song is part of Swift's latest album, Midnights, which she is currently promoting during her tour. Both artists expressed their excitement online. Along with the announcement, Swift shared some almost Interstellar-inspired cover art depicting Spice and Swift in a space-themed setting.

In her announcement post, Swift praised Ice Spice and expressed her admiration for the artist. In fact, she even described herself as a "massive fan." Despite not being part of the rap community, Swift's words hold significant weight coming from a successful artist of her caliber. The remix is included in Swift's new deluxe album, titled Midnights (Til Dawn Edition). Ice Spice responded gratefully, referring to Taylor Swift as the sweetest person and expressing her love for the artist. Now, the two have dropped the music video for the collaboration.

Taylor And Ice Are A Surprisingly Good Match

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice are glowing in the new video for their collaboration. Featuring a dazzling array of insane set pieces, the video allows both artists to shine on their own and together. For Ice's part, it's quite nice to see her in such a large budget video with such fantastical sets. One might think that she would seem out of her element, but she owns it. During her verse, she sits gracefully in a human sized shell as pearls fall from the sky into the water around her. She and Taylor are a surprisingly good match in the video, as well. Some, however, may disagree.

Some of Taylor's fans are not really into the Ice Spice feature. The reasoning they may have is debatable. Many, however, are bothered by the fact that she is dating The 1975 frontman Matt Healy. Earlier this year, he made fun of Ice Spice's appearance. Now, many are referring to him as a racist and a nazi. One fan said, "That verse was so bad. You can really tell the ‘Karma (Remix)’ was done last minute for damage control to clear Taylor Swift & her [Nazi] boyfriend image after he said all those racist slurs to Ice Spice." The fan went on to write, "Hope she got a massive cheque though." Whatever the reason for the collaboration, Ice certainly shines on it. What do you think of the pair's music video? Sound off in the comments below!

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