Brent Faiyaz's Best Collabs

Brent Faiyaz has been a part of a number of iconic collaborations throughout his career. We're taking a look at the biggest ones yet.

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Brent Faiyaz remains one of the most iconic artists in the R&B space. Pioneering a psychedelic sound that blended the worlds of somber instrumentation and electronic synth-wave tropes, he's carved out a unique sound. His music career began in the early 2010s when he formed the group Sonder alongside producers Dpat and Atu. By 2017, the group had released their debut EP Into. However, Faiyaz continued to develop his solo career as the group took off. He released his debut solo album, Sonder Son, in the same year. However, a hallmark reason for Brent Faiyaz's worldwide success is his innate ability to garner collaborations with other successful artists.

"Sweet / I Thought You Wanted to Dance" (2021)

The tenth song off of Tyler, the Creator's Call Me If You Get Lost, "Sweet / I Thought You Wanted to Dance," didn't come together quickly. In fact, Tyler has referenced collaborating on the song during the creation of Igor. On "Sweet," Brent Faiyaz takes the vocal spotlight amidst shimmering synths and lo-fi drums. It was a big moment for Faiyaz, landing a feature on one of the biggest rap albums of 2021. The ten-minute track is approaching 200 million streams on Spotify and is widely held as one of Tyler, the Creator's best songs to date.

"Gravity" (2020)

"Gravity" was the first of Brent Faiyaz's collabs with Tyler, the Creator. Released in March of 2020, "Gravity" is a springtime jam through and through. He spoke about the process of working with Tyler in an interview with Spin. He stated, "I was working on (Gravity) with DJ Dahi, and I was like, 'Man, what could really set this shit over the edge?' So I hit him up, and he put a verse on it. He's wild as s**t, but he's a genius." The song has garnered over 200 million streams on Spotify alone. It's unique in Faiyaz's discography, as its instrumentation is more colorful than the darker aesthetic of much of his work as a part of Sonder.

"Crew" (2017)

One of Brent Faiyaz's most successful collabs has been with Goldlink on "Crew." The 2017 groove was Faiyaz's career-defining hit. Featuring a high-octane snare and an additional feature from Shy Glizzy, Faiyaz drives the ear-hook chorus throughout the track. Along with being Brent Faiyaz's biggest song he's featured on, it's by far Goldlink's most successful song to date, eclipsing a billion plays across all platforms. The track's subtle darkness perfectly complements much of the sound of Sonder, making Faiyaz a perfect fit on the track.

"Wasting Time" (2022)

If Brent Faiyaz wasn't yet an A-list artist in the music industry, he certainly became one with "Wasting Time." Collaborating with two heavy hitters in Drake and The Neptunes, the track's narrative surrounds a struggling relationship between Brent Faiyaz and a lover. Drake darts between a rap verse and contributing vocals on "Wasting Time," highlighting his vast array of talents as an MC. Of course, the song's production is heavily influenced by The Neptunes. Featuring lush synths and a booming 808, the track would eclipse the top-50 mark on the Billboard 100 charts. The track is another reason Wasteland solidified Brent Faiyaz's position toward the top of the R&B world.

"Addictions" (2022)

Brent Faiyaz has touched on addiction throughout his career. From drugs to woman to fame, it's a double-sided coin he's discussed since his debut album, Sonder Son. On "Addictions," Faiyaz collaborates with MC Tre' Amani on one of the more introspective tracks off of Wasteland. Brutally honest with himself, Faiyaz states, "Maybe I don't need a hug / maybe I'm just f**ked up." The two complement each other seamlessly, with Amani's rapid flow contrasting the leisured chorus of Faiyaz. "Addictions" has brought in over 40 million streams on Spotify.

"Fell In Love" (2023)

Around a year after the release of Wasteland, Brent Faiyaz returned with a new track. "Fell In Love" is likely the most unexpected collaboration on this list, with EDM artist Marshmello on production chops for the song. While the track's heavy 808s and snare hits resemble a pop track, it contains subtle elements of electronic music with heavy usage of synths. Thus far, the straightforward summer groove has received a mixed reception from Faiyaz fans. However, the track's release is meant to generate hype as he gears up for his summer tour of Wasteland.

"Feel A Way" (2020)

Believe it or not, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, and Brent Faiyaz have collaborated. The sixth track off of 2 Chainz's' So Help Me God!, "Feel A Way" features production chops from Mike Dean. Faiyaz provides a trademark chorus on "Feel a Way," with the song featuring more of a traditional rap structure. One of the more successful tracks off of the album, a collaboration with two iconic rappers solidified Faiyaz's status in the music industry.

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