Brent Faiyaz & Marshmello Come Together For New Song “Fell In Love”

Brent Faiyaz is back with a new single!

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Brent Faiyaz has been a very busy man these last few days. From a highly acclaimed album last year with Wasteland paired with a world tour (tickets on sale today) he's been putting in work. Not only that, Faiyaz has an amazing catalog prior to his new album dropping (mans don't miss). Since the release of Wasteland, Brent Faiyaz has kept a low profile yet he's still making waves. Recently, he announced a tour and just days later news surfaced that the R&B star has partnered with Steve Stout's UnitedMasters.

The partnership will allow Faiyaz to do all of his independent work creating a new creative agency. Additionally, the creative agency will work as a hub for the F*ck The World artist. Not only that, the deal is valued at $50 million. Even Steve Stout said, "Brent Faiyaz is one of the most prolific Independent artists today and we are extremely excited to embark on this new partnership with him." Although we don't have an official statement from Brent, it's clear that the two have come to a healthy agreement regarding the deal.

Brent Faiyaz & Marshmello Drop Some New Heat

Following all the moves he's recently made, Brent Faiyaz has also put out some new music. Anonymous DJ/producer Marshmello tapped the emerging king of toxic R&B for a new single, "Fell In Love." Additionally, on the track, Faiyaz croons about a lover that loves the idea of him rather than his true self. It's a very bouncy track that will have you reminiscing about late '90s early '00s R&B. Not only that, this is the first taste of new music from Brent Faiyaz since dropping his sophomore project.

Furthermore, the single is short and sweet, rounding off at two minutes. However, the song is so infectious that you'll be playing it over and over. It's got great replay value. Won't be long 'til we see the summer jam on multiple Tik Toks and reels. Interestingly, this track is released just days before Brent inks his creative agency partnership with UnitedMasters and announces new tour. It's possible this could've been something cooked up from the creative hub. Are you ready for some new music from Brent Faiyaz? Are you feelin' the new track from him and Marshmello? Let us know in the comments!

Quotable Lyrics:

You ain't fall in love with me
Fell in love with the man I could be
You ain't fall in love with me
Fell in love with your vision of me

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