Tyler, The Creator Loses Chess To DJ Drama In Hilarious Video

The rapper says he beat DJ Drama 6 times before the video.

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Tyler, The Creator Loses Chess To DJ Drama In Hilarious Video

Tyler The Creator has been gaining a lot of love from his fans lately, and they have been supporting him in reaching new milestones. His latest album, Call Me If You Get Lost, has made history as the first album to reach number one on the Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums chart for three consecutive years. The recent expansion, The Estate Sale, has further contributed to Tyler's success. It was the best-selling hip-hop vinyl album worldwide in 2022. It's impressive to see Tyler's success as an artist who challenges conventional music standards and sets his own bar for success.

In a recent appearance on the Hulu series RapCaviar Presents, Tyler talked about his love for being a rapper. He praised the skills required to be a good rapper, including mastery of words, rhythm, and pockets. Tyler also believes that rap is a way to connect with people and share meaningful experiences. He encourages younger rappers to be true to themselves and to flex about what they truly hold dear, rather than following conventional tropes. Tyler's talents have been widely praised in the industry, and his success is a testament to his dedication and unique vision.

Tyler: "Tell 'Em How I Ate Your A*s"

In the hilarious video above, Tyler and DJ Drama seem to have just finished playing chess. Drama, who is filming the video, starts off the video by saying, "A win for Dram." Tyler, of course, immediately takes issue with him saying that he won. He argues that he beat him six times before he started filming. "Lie all you want," DJ Drama says. Tyler leans in with his typical mischievous look, ready to say something sus as always. "Actually, tell 'em how I ate your a*s," he exclaims. "Tell 'em about the little mess you made. Tell 'em about the real mess you made." The video is a hilarious reminder that Tyler hasn't changed a bit since the early days in all the ways that matter.

Tyler also pulled up to Lil Yachty's place recently to wreak havoc. He posted a video of that, as well, and it was about as chaotic as you think it would be. He makes fun of Batman, suggestively pulls down the pants on a doll modeled after Yachty, and at one point, sits down to play piano. If there is one thing you can always count on Tyler, The Creator for, it's bringing fun but extremely chaotic energy to every situation possible. What do you think of the video DJ Drama and Tyler posted? Sound off in the comments!

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