Video Deposition Of Donald Trump Made Public In Civil Case

Donald Trump’s video deposition has been made public.

BYBen Mock
Video Deposition Of Donald Trump Made Public In Civil Case

Former President Donald Trump is currently in the midst of a civil trial over claims that he raped journalist E. Carroll Jean in the 1990s. Jean's suit also alleges that Trump made defamatory comments about Jean when she went public with her accusation. Jean initially went public with her allegations in 2019 as she tired from Elle magazine.

The trial is expected to conclude on Monday with closing arguments, as President Trump has declined to take the witness stand. However, the last major development in the trial is the video deposition of President Trump conducted last October. While a written transcript was released publicly earlier year, the video of the deposition has been sealed until now.

Trump Deposition Explained

The deposition begins with questioning in relation to a post Trump made of Truth Social on October 12 2022 denying the allegations of rape put forwards by Jean. The post also calls her book "crummy" and said he "doesn't know" and "doesn't want to know" Jean. While defending the post in his deposition, Trump is heard remarking that "The woman -- there's something wrong with her in my opinion." He later doubles down on the sentiment, calling her a "wack job" and saying "I think she's sick, mentally sick." The testimony is long and rambling. At one point, the deposing official even states "So, again, just so the testimony is clear, because you tend to give long answers," while trying to get Trump to answer a question.

On multiple occasions, Trump claims he has no idea how Jean is beyond the fact she is suing him. This is in spite of a picture being entered into evidence showing the two meeting during the 1980s. Trump also attacks the deposing official, at one point saying, "You're a political operative also. You're a disgrace.· But she's accusing me and so are you of rape, and it never took place." As Trump has refused to take the stand in this case, his video deposition will be the only testimony the jury hears from the mouth of President Trump. HotNewHipHop will be sure to keep you informed about all the latest developments in this case.


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