Tasha Smith Replaces Theresa Randle In "Bad Boys 4"

Tasha Smith will replace Theresa Burnett in a key supporting role in the "Bad Boys" franchise

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Bad Boys 4 is reportedly in production, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence both returning to portray their iconic cop duo. Their last outing was Bad Boys For Life in 2020. That film, the third installment in the franchise, earned a 79% critics rating and a 96% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, not everyone from the previous films is set to return.

For the first three films in the Bad Boys franchise, Theresa Randle portrayed Theresa Burnett, the wife of Martin Lawrence's Marcus Burnett. While a small role in the franchise, Randle's performance went a long way to establishing a critical part of Burnett's character. It established him as the safe, married man in contrast to Will Smith's more playboy Mike Lowrey. The character has appeared in all three Bad Boys movies. However, on-set rumors appear to show a new face taking on the role.

Tasha Smith Set To Play Theresa Burnett In "Bad Boys 4"

PORTLAND, OR - MARCH 08: Tasha Smith attends the Northwest Film Center and Portland Art Museum's 3rd Annual Cinema Unbound Awards on March 8, 2022 in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

While little is known about Bad Boys 4, Theresa Randle is reportedly not involved. Instead, the role of Theresa Burnett will be recast. Initially reported by Variety, no reason has been given for why Randle has stepped away from the franchise. She is not slated to appear in any upcoming projects, with Bad Boys For Life (2020) being her last on-screen role. However, it is clear that she will not be part of the franchise going forward.

According to the Variety report, Tasha Smith is set to take on the role of Theresa Burnett. Smith is a Hollywood veteran with a variety of credits under her belt. However, she is best known for Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse and Empire. She has also made a name for herself as an accomplished television director. Most recently, she is credited with directing three episodes of BMF. She also directed an episode of Bel Air, the spinoff of a show that famous replaced its female lead mid-run. Bad Boys 4 is still in the early stages of production. At CinemaCon in April, Smith and Lawrence told a panel that they were approximately four weeks into shooting. There is no currently no scheduled release date for Bad Boys 4.


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