YSL RICO Trial: The Craziest Moments In The Courtroom

The YSL Rico Case involving Young Thug has stolen Hip Hop’s attention, but the wild antics in the courtroom are even more captivating.

BYErika Marie
YSL RICO Trial: The Craziest Moments In The Courtroom

The "Free Thugger" movement hasn't slowed since the news about YSL's RICO case involving Young Thug first materialized. We're quickly approaching the anniversary of when Thug was arrested. The international superstar was filmed being taken into custody outside his lavish Georgia home last May. Then, it was reported that over two dozen others, including rapper Gunna, were arrested in connection with a massive RICO indictment.

According to prosecutors, Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, was the leader of YSL—a violent, menacing criminal organization. However, defense attorneys clapped back, insisting that YSL is no more than a record label. It has hosted acts, including Thugger, Gunna, Lil Keed, Lil Baby, and more. Several notable names in the industry have also lent their voices to support Thugger as he remains incarcerated. In December 2022, Gunna agreed to an Alford plea and was released. Since then, he has faced several accusations regarding cooperating with the authorities. Gunna and his legal team have denied them all.

Additionally, the public has had a front-row seat to the courtroom antics. Fans have taken to social media with demands that Young Thug be released, especially as news of his co-defendants' plea deals trickle in. Although we have yet to approach opening statements, the jury selection has been a wild ride. The courtroom has been controversial—from passing pills to screaming defendants to lawyers saying, "That's cap." Here's a look at some of the craziest moments from the YSL RICO case courtroom.

Potential Juror Ordered To Write 30-Page Essay

The jury selection has been an arduous task. It's alleged that it could take months before a final jury is chosen, and the process has been detailed extensively. Early on, it was reported that hundreds of people were filtered through the courthouse, including Juror No. 64. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the woman was ordered by the judge to pen a 30-page essay about the importance of jury duty. This came after she left the country on a business trip, which she claimed she does frequently. She reportedly told the court she wasn't aware a summons was sent out. Some believe she got off easy because she could have been fined or served jail time.

Juror Sentenced To Jail For Filming

More recently, another potential found herself on the wrong side of the judge. According to several reports, Juror 1004 was caught repeatedly filming during the court's proceedings. Although the hearings have been documented, those inside the courtroom cannot record in any way, shape, or form. After receiving a chastising from Chief Judge Urla Glanville, Juror 1004 was reportedly sentenced to three days in jail.

YSL Lil Rod & Attorney Arrested

There are still over a dozen co-defendants in this case, and while Young Thug has seemingly been on his best behavior, others have not. Several alleged members of the YSL street gang have disrupted proceedings, causing mayhem. Last week, it was reported that Rodalius Ryan, or Lil Rod, shocked the court when he began screaming. This isn't the first time Ryan has had trouble with the authorities while in court, and once again, he was escorted out in handcuffs.

Two other codefendants, Christian Eppinger and Coradrius Dorsey, were said to have verbally defended Ryan. It was later reported by FOX 5 Atlanta that both Ryan and his attorney were arrested. The defendant was found to have marijuana sewn into his underwear. Deputies were triggered when they noticed the smell of cannabis coming from Ryan.

Defendant Miles Farley's Attorney Is Arrested

Things took a turn recently when attorney Anastasios Manettas was stopped just prior to entering the courtroom. Manettas represents Miles Farley, and according to the AJC, police arrested the lawyer after finding a bottle of prescription pills on his person. Additionally, Manettas attempted to keep his phone from being searched by tossing it at another attorney. Instead, it hit an officer. He was charged with disrupting court proceedings, possessing pills not in their original container, simple battery on a law enforcement officer, and obstruction.

Lil Rod's Scuffle With Officers

In January, Rodalius Ryan was involved in an altercation while being transported to the courthouse by officers. His attorney, Angela D’Williams, would tell a local Atlanta news station that deputies punched Ryan in the head, causing him to fall on the ground. However, the deputies involved claimed that there was an ongoing problem with Ryan spitting inside the patrol car. He was allegedly told to stop and that he would have to clean up the mess.

Deputy Kandakai Morris claimed that Ryan refused, spit once again, and this time, it landed on the officer. Ryan was told to exit the vehicle, but he reportedly laid flat and stiffened his legs. The deputies reportedly grabbed Ryan by the legs and pulled him out of the vehicle. Yet, attorneys were angered and suggested the officer used excessive, unnecessary force.

Nurse Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Smuggle Drugs For Gunna

Months ago, reports emerged stating a woman was arrested concerning this case. News station WSBTV reported prosecutors claimed a nurse was found with “a bag full of marijuana and cocaine.” At the time, prosecutors told the judge that the contraband was intended for Gunna, who was still incarcerated. When deputies attempted to question the woman about the items, she was said to have attempted to flee.

Passing Weed In The Courtroom

Fans were perplexed just after the top of the year when it was suggested that drugs were being passed around in court. According to reports, Kahlieff Adams walked over to Young Thug's table in the courtroom and handed him something. Despite there being cameras inside and deputies nearby, Adams completed the exchange. It didn't take long for the courtroom to come to a standstill. Thugger's lawyers insisted he had no idea this would occur. Later, Adams was reportedly found with percs, tobacco, and marijuana.


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