Pop Smoke Mural Gets A Much-Needed Update

The internet is still not happy with the artist who “fixed” Pop Smoke’s mural.

BYJames Jones
Pop Smoke Mural Gets A Much-Needed Update

Pop Smoke was an artist that was set to take the industry by storm. With this untimely passing, came many fans and artists alike that wanted to honor his legacy. In the wake of his passing, one mural, in particular, garnered the internet's attention. A botched mural of Pop Smoke had been found, setting the entire internet ablaze. Many users didn't hold back describing their distaste for the mural saying it was an embarrassment to the late rapper. It appears that someone has tried to remedy this egregious act.

The original botched mural that went viral at Pop Smokes Exotic was redone recently, but fans and critics had some choice words for the piece. Some fans commented saying "just take the walls down," while others (still disappointed) gave some words of encouragement. "Bro needs to learn about proportions, a basic art technique, but it looks much better," said one commenter. As a Pop Smoke fan, the mural definitely looks better than what it was. However, it's not the most accurate depiction of the late rapper. This isn't the first time we've seen botched artwork of some our biggest celebrities.

Pop Smoke's Mural Goes Viral(Again)

The last time we saw botched art go viral was when the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo bust surfaced. Many Ronaldo and sports fans alike were left stunned at the completely inaccurate depiction of the soccer legend. Pop Smoke meant a lot to the city of New York, but he was also ushering a new wave into the industry. It was as if we were seeing a second coming of Fifty Cent (minus all the beef). So much so, even Fif could see the resemblance between the two New York natives.

You never want to see an artist lose their life so soon. Especially one as talented as Pop. Thanks to Pop Smoke, we all got to Meet the Woo with his trademark voice, grimy raps, and infectious New York drill sound. New York drill was put on the map the moment Pop Smoke stepped foot on the scene. It was a sound that gave us all a newfound energy. Although it's tragic what happened to Pop Smoke, it's great to see his memory kept alive in all forms of art. What do you think of the Pop Smoke mural? Did they get it right? Let us know below!

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