Future did a Q&A on Twitter today, answering some questions in advance of the airing of his Jimmy Fallon performance. The rapper, who just released his self-titled album, offered some thoughts on a few other rappers — mostly good things, and a few not so good.

There have been rumors that Future and Young Thug could be working on a collaborative project, and while the rapper didn’t share any details about the possibility of a joint mixtape, he assured fans that the two have a lot of music in the stash. “Me and Thug are always working on music,” he confirmed. “When we go in the studio, we at least do 10 songs … we stay up all night and morning and work ’til we just pass out.”


Earlier this week, a report suggested that Rocko, who signed Future to A1 Recordings years ago and is now suing the rapper over his deal with EPIC, had settled his lawsuit with Future and would be making 100% of the royalties from his new album. Rocko later clarified the report was false, but it didn’t stop a fan from asking if Future had released the album in order to settle his debt with Rocko.

“No way in the fuck am I doing that for him,” said Future, laughing off the rumors. “We working, we richer than ever. When n*ggas go broke, they do dumb shit. I don’t know what’s going on. At the end of the day, we making hits, we making history. If a n*gga wanna be a part of history, you gotta do something to tag along. That’s what it is, a tag along n*gga.”


Finally, Future spoke of his dynamic with Drake, who he recorded the What A Time To Be Alive project with, and joined on two tours. “I would describe my relationship with Drake as doing great business,” he said. “We get in the studio, come up with different creative vibes. We go on tours, it’s always sold out. We give the fans something special. The fans have made our relationship special.”


Future also commented on his decision to retire his fedora, the possibility of a European tour, and whether or not he actually keeps the draco in his bookbag.

Watch more from his Q&A below.






Future Discusses Young Thug, Rocko & Drake In Twitter Q&A