Rumors of Future and Rocko’s legal battle have been swirling over the last few days following a report from MediaTakeOut that claimed the two had reached a settlement. The story suggested that Rocko, who had previously signed Future to A1 Records, was set to receive royalties from Future’s new self-titled album.

Both Rocko and Future disputed the report, and Future made it pretty clear that he didn’t appreciate Rocko seeking out money from him in a Twitter Q&A Tuesday night. “When n*ggas go broke, they do dumb shit,” he said when asked about the Rocko situation. “I don’t know what’s going on. At the end of the day, we making hits, we making history. If a n*gga wanna be a part of history, you gotta do something to tag along. That’s what it is, a tag along n*gga.”

Rocko has now shared a response on Instagram, suggesting that he was forced to sue Future because the rapper told him to “let the lawyers handle it.” “All I want is my percentage we agreed upon, nothing more nothing less,” he wrote. “I understand he feels a way hell I would too if I was sued. I’m not mad at him for being mad at me. If it’s ever a time when he wants to sit down like a man I’m wit it!” He also argued that when he posts pre-orders to Future’s albums, it’s not for his potential benefit (at the time being, he’s not actually making anything from Future’s sales), but out of “genuine support.”

Read his full post below.


Rocko Responds To Future: "All I Want Is My Percentage"