Chlöe And Latto Share Love For Each Other At Billboard’s Women In Music Awards

The cute and talented besties show off their friendship at the award ceremony.

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Chlöe And Latto Share Love For Each Other At Billboard’s Women In Music Awards

Both Chlöe and Latto have individually been racking up success for themselves at the age of 24. At Billboard's Women in Music awards, which took place on Wednesday (March 1), the two artists shared admiration for one another both on stage and on the red carpet. Latto performed "Lottery" alongside Lu Kala at the event, and was awarded the Powerhouse Award. Chlöe presented the award and shared a heartfelt speech in honor of her friend calling the Ohio rapper a "force to be reckoned with."

While announcing the win, Chlöe reflected, "when you title a song 'Big Energy,' you better be ready to live up to that promise." While recounting all of Latto's career successes, the "Pray It Away" singer notes how the honoree "has gone above and beyond." She goes on to say how she loves Latto's "soul" and "spirit," and ends her speech with an appreciative note. "Thank you for always being so kind and genuine," Chlöe says to the rapper, noting how they share a "sisterhood."

Chlöe Commemorates Her "Sisterhood" With Latto While Presenting Award

The Powerhouse Award is given to trailblazers within the industry who have earned outstanding sales and streaming numbers. Other honorees of this award include Doja Cat in 2022 and Megan Thee Stallion in 2019. As described in Chlöe's speech, "Big Energy" remained charted in Billboard's Top 10 for 10 weeks. Not to mention, this single was Latto's first to reach number one on any chart. Additionally, Latto has earned several other acclaimed recognitions this past year. BET crowned her as the Best New Artist, and their Hip Hop Awards also announced "Big Energy" as the Song of the Year.

Chlöe and Latto's friendship was further solidified as the latter grabbed the former's hand while accepting the award. The pair also posed together on the red carpet, where they exchanged air kisses and goofed around for the cameras. Both artists collaborated last year for "For the Night," where the two seamlessly fused together their individual musical styles. The music video for the single also reaffirms the pair's cute and undeniable friendship. Be sure to check out HNHH for more news on hip-hop and pop culture.


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