Back in December, J Cole released a 40-minute documentary called “Eyez,” featuring two new singles called “Everybody Dies,” & “False Prophets,” the latter of which stirred up some controversy when Cole hopped on Joey Badass’ “Waves” beat. The initial thought was that Cole had jacked Joey’s “wave,” but the Brooklyn spitter later confirmed that wasn’t the case & that he gave him his blessing.

In a new interview with Power106 LA, Joey decides to tell the story behind how it all came together, saying that Cole had reached out to him last Summer asking to listen to the track ahead of time. Joey would go on to say…

“So I’m thinking, like, he wants me to get on a track or something like that […] We link up, I come to the studio, we politicking, and then he’s like, ‘I want to play you this record.’ Right, so I’m like, OK, still thinking this is a track for me to hop on. […] He finally got back to doing the things that he used to do, which just made him happy; like sitting on the couch watching Netflix or going on YouTube and just browsing beats. One day he was writing, and he resorted to his old way of writing, which was going on YouTube and writing [to] some beats, which is what most of us do. So he comes across the ‘Waves’ beat, and he knew it was mine and everything, but, like, he heard the beat and […] it just sparked something. […] To be honest, I didn’t know [“False Prophets”] was going to be, like, promoting the [4 Your Eyez Only] album; I didn’t know it was going to be on the radio every day. That sh*t is weird.”

In addition to that, Joey also clears up his misconstrued 2Pac comments, talks about his upcoming album All-Amerikkkan Badass, why he sings about the current state of the USA and not himself on this project, and more. Check out the 18-minute conversation (below), and fast forward to about the 13:15 mark to hear the J. Cole “wave” talk.

All-Amerikkkan Badass drops April 7.


Joey Badass

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