Billboard recently placed Lil Wayne at #7 in their list of top 50 rappers of all time. However, most would say that the Louisiana rapper deserved to be bumped in the top 5. Wayne certainly stands among the all-time greats in hip-hop. He’s proven exactly why he’s deserving this title time and time again. During Grammy weekend, the Black Music Collective honored the New Orleans rapper with the Global Impact Award for his lifetime achievements, which Drake presented to him via a hilarious pre-recorded message ahead of the award show

Weezy basically birthed a whole generation of rappers who came after him. We wouldn’t have artists like Nicki Minaj and Drake if it weren’t for the Young Money era. Meanwhile, Young Thug and Kendrick Lamar undoubtedly took a page or two from Wayne during their career. Ultimately, Wayne deserves all of the flowers for everything he’s accomplished in his career and the barriers he broke down in hip-hop. On top of that, Wayne hasn’t shied away from embracing the new generation of rappers, like NLE Choppa, who he collaborated with recently.

NLE Choppa Gifts Lil Wayne A Bouquet Of Flowers In Valentine’s Day Photo Dump

NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne have new music coming out this week. The two collaborated on “Ain’t Gonna Answer,” which is due out this Friday. Ahead of its release, NLE Choppa shared a behind-the-scenes look of the video shoot, particularly a candid moment where he gave Lil Wayne his flowers and a thank you note for the inspiration. “I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as an artist, an icon, and more importantly, an inspiration,” he wrote in the message. 

Lil Wayne appeared caught off guard by the gesture as he genuinely thanked NLE Choppa for giving him flowers. “Be like this guy,” Wayne told the camera after NLE Choppa handed him the bouquet and a skateboard. “He’s a good guy, man, for real. I do this a lot. This doesn’t happen, he’s a great guy.” Choppa added in the letter that he hoped the gesture would help develop a “big bro, lil bro” relationship. It appears that he won Lil Wayne over with the flowers. Check out the video above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.