Jada Pinkett Smith Reflects On Alopecia Diagnosis

Nearly a year after the 2022 Oscars scandal, Jada Pinkett Smith reflects on what she's learned through alopecia.

BYDiya Singhvi
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The 2022 Oscars stirred up buzz after the Will Smith and Chris Rock scandal. The controversial face slap was publicly circulated, which drew a lot of attention to Jada Pinkett Smith. Suffering from alopecia, an auto-immune disorder that attacks hair follicles, Pinkett-Smith has lost her locks over recent years. But even though she's constantly in the eyes of the camera, the 51-year-old actress isn't letting superficial appearances stop her from sharing her beauty with the world.

In an interview with The Guardian, Pinkett Smith shares “I learned a lot about detachment. And I learned a deeper beauty within myself, being able to let my hair go.” She reflects further on her diagnosis calling it “a great teacher. It’s been a hard one, a scary one – because specifically as Black women, we identify so much of ourselves with our hair. And it was scary. I had to really dig deep and see the beauty of myself beyond my aesthetics.”

Jada Pinkett Smith On African Queens: Njinga

The Red Table Talk host certainly hasn't let Alopecia take over her confidence and continues to empower herself and other women through her work. Her upcoming new documentary series African Queens: Njinga releases this month on Netflix. As the executive producer and narrator, Pinkett Smith explores the life of Queen Njinga of Angola. This series includes interviews with experts alongside historical reenactments and plans to showcase the lives of the most iconic female rulers in Africa. The multi-talented actress is also signed on for a memoir, which will publish this fall.

In light of the upcoming release of African Queens, the mother of two reflects on the power of black women. “In most Black families, the women are the glue. They’re the matriarchs, the weavers of love, the leaders of spiritual knowledge within our homes.” She also recounts the difficulties she has had as a black woman in the entertainment industry, but thanks her grandmother for her success. Pinkett Smith's grandmother, who primarily raised her, had taught her from a young age to rise above, no matter what challenge may present itself. Despite all of the difficulties Pinkett Smith has faced, there's no doubt that she has followed her grandmother's teachings. Be sure to catch African Queens: Njinga airing on February 15th, 2022 on Netflix!

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