J. Prince Calls Offset A "Clown" & "Fake Motherf*cka"

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The tension is intensifying between these two, and Takeoff's murder is at the core.

As Hip Hop continues to mourn Takeoff, the tension rises between Offset and J. Prince. It was rumored that Offset and his fellow Migos groupmates weren't in the best of places when Takeoff was killed. Still, the late rapper was more than Offset's Rap peer—they were cousins, and his loss devastated their family. Recently, J. Prince touched on the controversy while visiting Million Dollaz Worth of Game, which provoked a passionate response from the Migos rapper.

Prince's name has been woven into conversations about Takeoff's death. The rapper was in Houston with members of the Prince family when he was shot and killed at a private party. After a video of J. Prince Jr. walking past Takeoff's body went viral, his father fiercely defended his name. J. Prince's MDWOG appearance was widely criticized, and he's upping the ante with an Instagram post targeting Offset.

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During Prince's podcast interview, he said, “This Offset dude. I ain’t gon’ leave him out because I’m real like this, you now? N***as be throwin’ rocks and hidin’ their hand." He further added, “And the truth of the matter is, one can dance and different things in front of different cameras and all kinds of shit… You wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive. So, for you to be taking these positions you are taking – and I got people everywhere so I hear all kinds of things. I’mma just say this to you – don’t ever put me in a position where I got to defend myself.”

Offset angrily responded in a video, which wasn't lost on Prince. The Rap-A-Lot icon posted a photo of Offset and penned a caption that has earned backlash. "A MESSAGE TO THE MAN THATS OFF," Prince began. "To those of you that still live on principles over emotions that know and respect me it’s all good. I don’t care about the media hoes; they eat sh*t for a living. We live on different planets and breathe different air if you know what I mean."

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"I only display loyalty and friendship to my brothers and sisters until they show me they’re unworthy," he also stated. "Never been a bully or lived a life where I abused my power on the weak. No matter what you heard; it’s cap. I’m glad I'm not one of those individuals that my family has to hold their head down when my name is mentioned. So excuse me while I deal with these clowns because ain’t nobody gonna tell them the truth like I’m a give it to them."

Prince also alleged that Offset made threats against him and his family. He questioned why the rapper didn't call him to address his concerns. Check it out above.

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