Although the authorities have yet to confirm that Coca-Kazi died earlier this month during a stand-off, several of the rapper’s loved ones have come forward. According to multiple reports, the Arkansas artist died after he was shot by a North Little Rock officer on January 18.

Details regarding what led up to the incident are unclear. However, it’s reported that police responded to a residence after receiving a dispatch call about a disturbance. It was shared that someone on the scene was armed.

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In a press release, police said they could “quickly locate” the purported victim. That person was removed from the scene while officers then searched for the alleged suspect with a weapon.

It was stated that the suspect shot at officers from inside a residence before he began to make his way outside. Police allege the suspect aimed the gun at them before an officer fired a shot. The person retreated inside, and when police couldn’t make contact, they went inside the home and found the suspect dead.

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The officer who fired the shot was placed on administrative leave. HipHopDX reports the suspect was Coca-Kazi and several of his loved ones grieved his loss online.

This is an ongoing investigation.