Andrew Tate Human Trafficking Allegations Have Twitter Ridiculing Him

The controversial figure and his brother were allegedly linked to the kidnapping of two women.

BYHayley Hynes
Andrew Tate Human Trafficking Allegations Have Twitter Ridiculing Him

We've seen some interesting headlines this year, from Kanye West's pro-Hitler posts to Jhené Aiko and her elderly father both surprisingly welcoming new babies within weeks of each other. Even with all the previous chaos, though, nothing could have prepared us for seeing an Andrew Tate detainment.

Earlier this week, the controversial media figure found himself in the midst of an online spat with Greta Thunberg. Eventually, a video rant came, clapping back at the young woman. In it, he chiefly smokes a cigar in his robe, a stack of pizza boxes sitting in front of him.

While feuding with a 19-year-old girl as a 36-year-old man is embarrassing enough, Tate's post actually wound up getting him in some serious trouble. In fact, thanks to the takeout boxes in front of him, authorities were able to piece together Tate's location. They then brought him in in connection with a human trafficking investigation.

The former reality star's brother later met the same fate. Romanian police have been looking into the siblings since April. Both Andrew and Tristan are facing accusations of sexual assault, organized crime, and more.

Authorities previously served search warrants at five different homes, CNN reports. Four suspects – specifically two Brits and two Romanians – are receiving questioning. Presently, they're due to appear in court later on Friday (December 30). Tate's lawyer unquestionably says that "He was not arrested. He was detained for 24 hours."

Videos presently being released to the public show some of the raids taking place, and even include footage of anonymous men being pat down.

Early on Friday, Tate shared a message from his personal Twitter account, though it remains unclear if he was actually the one to post it. "The Matrix sent their agents," it reads.

Additionally, details reveal that authorities believe two of the suspects were talking their victims "into believing that they intended to enter into a marriage/cohabitation relationship" as they were brought to Romania. Later, those same women were reportedly sexually exploited with physical violence and coercion.

On Thursday (December 29), the DIICOT stated that the four suspects would be detained for 24 hours following questioning. At this time, no further information has been shared.

Finally, check out more reactions to Andrew Tate's human trafficking allegations below. Afterward, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments.

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