Ice Cube On Kanye's Anti-Semitism: "Don't Blame Me For Sh*t"

Cube once again addresses Ye saying he was inspired by the L.A. icon.

BYErika Marie
Ice Cube Performs At Yaamava' Theater In Highland, CA

In 2015, Ice Cube said he would vote for Kanye West, but these days, he may have had a change of mind. West has been unraveling in real-time with a global, shocked audience commenting on his every move. As his bid for president unfolds until the 2024 U.S. election, Cube finds his name again connected to his contentious Rap peer. While on Drink Champs months ago, Ye said it was Cube's controversial social media posts that inspired him. The L.A. icon quickly denied he has anything to do with anti-Semitism and said he didn't want his name involved in those discussions.

As a follow-up, Cube was questioned about West's statement once again while on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson. Matt Barnes wanted him to clear up any misunderstandings once and for all. "I mean, you know, when somebody turn it out—when a n*gga turn the party out and say, you know, he did it 'cause of you, you got to say somethin' about that," Cube said.

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"Like, homie. Homie, homie. Nah, nah. You gotta stand on this one on your own," he added when Tyson laughed in the background. "That's all that was about. You know, I didn't say nothin'. It's just, at the end of the day, I just had to let everybody know that don't blame me for sh*t."

"Talk your sh*t if you want to, but don't blame me for sh*t. If I ain't up there speaking for myself, don't blame me."

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As West moves forward with his bid for president of the United States, many who supported him in the past are being called into question. Several of West's peers and friends, even amid his Hitler-praising scandal, have defended his right to verbalize his opinions.

Most recently, in an interview, Akon didn't condemn West's admiration of Nazis or Adolf Hitler because, as he said, it didn't affect his life. However, after the interview clip went viral, the "Locked Up" crooner returned to denounce West's remarks.

Check out Ice Cube on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson below.

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