Crowdsourced rental market Airbnb is wildly successful, recently being valued at $31 billion dollars. Now they’re expanding outside of the standard rental space by offering what they call ‘Music Experiences’ in different cities throughout the world.

What this means is that not only will travelers be choosing a place to stay, they’ll be given access to behind-the-scenes access and tours of music-related experiences in different cities. There are over 100 experiences available already, not limited to music. Among the music experiences are a grime tour in London, searching for rare vinyl in Tokyo and making a music video of your travels in Miami. Each tour is run by a person not affiliated with Airbnb, so it could be a good way to make money for musicians with some free time and people skills.

Would you take any of these tours? Perhaps you can even become a music guide yourself.


Airbnb Is Offering Behind-The-Scenes ‘Music Experiences’ Now