The trailer for an upcoming Russian film has been circulating the web, and it is completely nuts. The movie is called Guardians, and seems like Russia’s answer to a combination of different Marvel superhero films.

The plot is pretty standard superhero fare, with a mysterious big bad guy laying waste to Russian society, with the only people who can stop him being experimental humans with insane superpowers. The superpowers are really where things get crazy: there’s a giant half-man, half-bear (no pig though), a woman who can turn invisible (?), a guy who can turn himself into rocks and an assassin dude who teleports.

Thankfully, there are subtitles so we can figure out what is going on. The movie is really heavy on CGI, but the quality is impressive. Would you see this movie if it ever made its way overseas?


Russian Superhero Movie With Bear-Man Creature Looks Insane