J.I.D is the newest signee to J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint, and with a new album on the way, he’s ready to introduce himself to the rap world at large. In advance of The Never Story, which is set for release this Friday, March 10th, we sat down to talk to the Atlanta rapper about how he first linked with Cole, his connection to EarthGang, and the Dreamville mindset.

Recalling the series of events that led to his signing, J.I.D says it all began when he joined EarthGang on their tour with Ab-Soul and Bas, the latter of which being a Dreamville signee. “One night, Cole came to one of the shows in New York,” he said. “I got real cool with Ced Brown, he’s like Dreamville. He was working the sound. He’s real close with Cole — like one of his childhood friends …  I would send him music after we got off tour, just sending him shit. I don’t know that he’s playing this shit for Cole. He was playing it for Cole the whole time.”

After he found out that Cole had been keeping an ear on him, the two met up in Atlanta, and a natural motion began. “Cole had a concert in Atlanta, he came to the crib. Ever since it was just history,” says J.I.D. “It was really organic. It wasn’t no industry shit, it was really like ‘I fuck with your art’-type shit.” It happened so naturally, it didn’t even feel like they had to ask me [to sign].”

Watch the full interview above. Listen to J.I.D’s new single “D/vision” with EarthGang below.


J.I.D Talks Meeting J. Cole & Signing With Dreamville