It’s been a minute since we last heard from rising Toronto crooner K. Forest. In fact, the last time he impacted our site was back in November when he released the song “Before You Go,” but thankfully that drought ends here today. With no warning at all, the Toronto singer decided to come through & share a new song on his soundcloud page called “Two Twos,” which we presume will see life on his upcoming album Pray for A Beautiful Sky.

Produced by dF, take a listen to the new single & share your thoughts on it (below). If you’re a fan, be sure to show your support on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Girl I’m not holy (no, no)
I see what I want and I’m focused (baby)
I try to stay holy
But its so hard when you wearing the sundress
Girl come ride this pony (yeah yeah)
I’m Ginuwine, I mean I’m genuine
What a gentleman, that I have been
I let you situate, then settle in