The Brooklyn trio share a loose track 1 year after their debut album.

BYTrevor Smith
Babelblur mask

Flatbush Zombies debut album 3001: A Laced Odyssey celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday, and the Brooklyn trio have shared a new track to celebrate the occasion. "Babel" comes with shape-shifting production from the group's own Erick Arc Elliott, beginning with a dusty arpeggiated guitar sample before morphing into a sentimental piano riff.

The Zombies celebrate psychedelics and open their third eyes on the song, maintaining complex double-time flows and animated deliveries throughout. While the new song is billed as an "unreleased" track, it seems likely that the group is currently working on a follow-up to their excellent 2016 debut.

Listen to their November release "Aries."

Quotable Lyrics:
Alter perceptions, reality of questions
Psychedelic mushrooms, DMT sessions
I’m on another trip, ain't gotta get to stepping
Your windows in your eyes, the door to perception

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