Hot off the success of his third studio album, Full Speed, Kid Ink is back in the studio, and his latest track, “Ring Ring,” finds the L.A. rapper alongside three exciting young talents. Over a predictably banging beat from Will A Fool, Kid Ink is joined by Lil Durk, Bricc Baby Shitro, and Lil Reese

Will A Fool crafts the perfect backdrop for each guy to flex his own style while keeping a cohesive feel throughout the track. In the end, we get a little bit of L.A., Chicago, and Atlanta; in the post-regional rap game, we love when these sounds come together. 

“Ring Ring” will appear on the forthcoming Alumni mixtape. 

Tell us if you’re feelin’ the track. 

Quotable Lyrics

I’ll never hit a drought, pocket full of money I don’t ever wanna count 
‘Ring, Ring, Ring,’ that’s your girl sayin’ she lost
I send that ‘ping, ping, ping,’ then turn that Android right off
I gotta take care of my team ‘cuz it get lonely at the top

– Kid Ink