Stoner (Remix)

HNHH premieres King Chip’s new “Stoner” freestyle.

BYTrevor Smith
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Young Thug's Dun Deal-produced club banger isn't going away anytime soon. We've already seen Wale, Roscoe Dash, and Jim Jones release their own versions, and now Cleveland's King Chip has added a verse to the cut, premiering his take exclusively with HNHH.

Chip rides the dynamically shifting beat, effortlessly switching up his flow accordingly, and breathing fresh air into the buzzing single. Chip, who happily identifies as a "Stoner", reveals later in the track that he's -- naturally -- been holding a blunt for the duration of his verse.

If you're feeling this one, make sure to check out his recent track, "Go 'Head", produced by Big Duke.

The rapper's upcoming CleveLAfornia album is coming soon.

Quotable lyrics:

She drunk textin' 'bout what
She gon' do when she see me
I'm gon' have that magnum
Because yeah I learned from Eazy-E
Now I'm 'bout to help
Some Cleveland niggas like Eazy-E
She get pleasure from pleasin' me
Tell that bitch to bring the tree

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