When he's not trolling his rivals to hell and back, 50 Cent's social activity is generally pretty tame. Of course, he can be considered one of the most ruthless men on Instagram, going after anybody and everybody in his attempt to take over the platform. As of late, he's been promoting the new season of Power and in doing so, he's stayed busy commenting on the status of the show's theme song. Replacing Joe with Trey Songz on "Big Rich Town," 50 Cent has faced a ton of fan backlash over the change. He's been replying to a good portion of comments but this morning, he took some time off to share some wholesome content.

Every once in a while, Fif reminds us that he's the loving father of his son Sire Jackson. Fortunately for Sire, the rapper has made a great effort to stay in his life. Fiddy's other son, Marquise Jackson, was formally disowned by his father earlier this year. 6-year-old Sire is growing up before our very eyes and in these new photos, he's looking more like his dad than ever before. 

The tycoon took to Instagram to share a trio of photos of his youngest child in his Balmain outfit, styling on us all. "This guy is a way better version of me," wrote 50 Cent on the first image, which shows his son smizing for the camera. The look in his eyes would make Tyra Banks proud. In the final pic, Sire smiles with his front teeth missing and not even he was safe from his father's trolling. "We know what he want for Christmas," wrote the rapper.

Do you prefer when 50 Cent is posting content about his family or his enemies?