Things have bubbled to a point where Trey Songz is no longer willing to hear about the changes made to the Power theme song. For the majority of this week, fans of the show have been reacting to the alterations that 50 Cent made to the highly-appreciated tune that always plays at the top of each episode. Since the initiation of the series, Joe graced the vocals on "Big Rich Town" with Curtis Jackson himself also spitting a verse. During the world premiere of the sixth season though, people were surprised to hear Trey Songz on the track instead of Joe. Social media has been practically begging all parties involved to revert back to the original theme and Fif has hinted that he just might. Trey Songz is absolutely finished with this situation though and he let his frustration out in a social post this morning.

"Ima slap the shit outta one of you n***as bout this Power shit," wrote the talented vocalist. Trigga Trey has been getting clowned all week because of the switch and, truly, nobody is too irked that Trey is on it. They're just mad that Joe is off. Of course, 50 Cent came through with a response fairly quickly.

"@TreySongz im a be mad at you if you catch a case Over a remix now, they just want to make some kinda fun outta of us on this one," wrote Fiddy, trying to keep his close friend out of trouble. Hopefully, Trey doesn't start acting recklessly over this.