Several years ago, 50 Cent and Sha Money XL had a major falling out with both sides going back-and-forth with scathing messages. Until today, Joyner Lucas never understood why the legendary New York rapper went so hard at his former manager. Now, the Massachusetts emcee is fully aware of how conniving Sha Money XL is because, after working with him on his own music, a similar situation happened to him.

This morning, we reported on Joyner's message to his former manager, saying that he had to fire the man after he wanted to still collect a check with no work being put in. "I got a lot of questions I believe only 50 can answer. Tell 50 hit me," asked Joyner. Now, Fif is finally chiming in with his own opinion on the matter, telling the ADHD rapper that he should have known this was coming.

Fiddy reposted a headline about the beef between Joyner and Sha Money XL before adding his commentary in the caption. "Damn it man, 🤔Told you he a whole sucker," wrote the executive producer of Power. 50 hasn't confirmed whether or not he's willing to get on the phone with Joyner yet but, given their common dislike of their former manager, it makes sense that they would chop it up in private. Who else would love to be a fly on the wall for this conversation?