For the last few weeks, 50 Cent has been all about embracing positive vibes. He's stayed as far away from beef as he possibly can. His feed has been relatively tame but his true colors are showing in the comments he's leaving on Instagram. While his content may be a little more wholesome than it regularly is, Fiddy is still holding major grudges against certain individuals. Not even members of his family are exempt to his wrath as the entertainer posted that he "wouldn't have a bad day" if his son Marquise and Supreme Griff's child were hit by a bus.

Marquise and his father have some bad blood. This year, he reminded everyone of their differences on Father's Day by posting a photo with his arm around an imaginary figure, pretending as though Curtis were present. Fif doesn't seem too pressed to repair their relationship though as evidenced by his latest savage action. Yesterday, an Instagram account posted a photo of Supreme Griff's son with Marquise Jackson and Fiddy slid into the comments section. He wrote, "if both these little n***as got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day." Yikes.

Complex notes that their strained relationship goes back years as the two often feud on social media. Whatever has gone down between them, this is likely not the best way to handle things.