Let the record show, Wendy Williams is to conflict and drama, what currency control is to China's Minister of Finance. You can't have one without the other. But on a relative basis, the question remains: why do 50 Cent and Wendy Williams ramp things up when they enter a dogfight?

The answer to that question might be as simple as a tussle over titles. In the social media age, public figures fall into several categories. When those figures relapse or converge, the individuals in play revert to their primeval instincts. That's exactly what occurs when 50 Cent and Wendy Williams find themselves at odds, with their retractable claws on full-display. When Fiddy meets Wendy, the whole bully-victim dynamic gets thrown to the ground. Without a magnetic field to keep people and things in place, the dogfight becomes downright nasty. For the sake of gamesmanship, nothing else, why not trace this blood feud back to its place of origin, starting with Wendy's assumption that 50 Cent is in fact, a closeted rapper operating behind a hetero mask.

Wendy Williams questions 50 Cent's sexual identity.

In September, Young Buck was accused of sexual dalliances with a transgender woman, and to no one's surprise, 50 Cent decided to make light of the situation at the split expense of a longtime friendship. While that accusation may not have amounted to anything, 50 Cent showed himself to be guilty of bending the double standard at his own convenience. When his sexuality was up for debate on Wendy Williams' national broadcast, 50 Cent was in a less playful mood.

Of course, Wendy Williams' theory was actually a careful ruse put in place to defend the marital union of Papoose and Remy Ma, who funnily enough, appears to be the rare celebrity with Wendy-immunity. 50 Cent took the fight to social media, where he feels most at home - when he isn't at odds with Internet moderators.

Wendy Williams gives Vivica A. Fox a platform to ramble on about 50 Cent. 

It stands to reason: 50 Cent didn't walk away from any scuttlebutt involving Wendy Williams less inclined to fire off a flirty overture of his choosing. In the case of a past relationship floating back to the surface, 50 Cent isn't necessarily predisposed to a negative reaction - but when Wendy Williams allowed Vivica A. Fox to open the floodgates, the G-Unit mogul was not the least bit amused. But in truth, 50 Cent may have been at fault for this one, by reducing his relationship with Vivica to a weeklong fling in the eyes of the public. The quip was mustered on "Get in My Car" at the height of his media stronghold. 50 Cent and Vivica have apparently made amends in light of recent outbursts. I gather it's much easier to scapegoat another bully than to admit indecency.

50 Cent shines a light on Wendy Williams' slip-ups in 2017.

Much of 2017's humorous quips directed at Wendy Williams were instigated by 50 Cent. With Wendy Williams on the back heel for much of 2017, 50 Cent was able to gain a noticeable advantage over the course of the year. A majority of Williams' mortifying episodes in '17 were already solid gold before 50 Cent got his spindly hands on 'em, some less so than others. When Williams fainted on-air, only a nudge was required of 50 Cent to push the embarrassing/scary moment into the critical mass.

Otherwise, 50 Cent spent most of 2017 placating his own body issues, by objectifying the bodily plight of others, specifically that of Wendy Williams. Much of the residual Instagram evidence has been erased, but Wendy's vacation posting lives on, too tempting for 50 Cent to pass up in the mildest instance of hate speech recorded in memory. 

The farther you backtrack into archival territory, the harder it becomes to trace any causal link that puts 50 Cent and Wendy Williams at odds. Therein lies the truth, 50 Cent and Williams are both inanimately the same. They both privately dwell on their objective realities like cosmeticians, only to mask their insecurities in the public eye.

When they do collide, the consequences are shaped by nearly-identical astrological habits of mind, because neither 50 or Wendy is less passive or entitled than the other. In reality, 50 Cent has more in common with Wendy Williams than he'd like to admit: they both show little remorse when they crush other public figures, to the point where I've begun to think differently on the power of extroversion, so help us, God.