Over the past couple weeks, 50 Cent & Wendy Williams have had some choice words for one another on Twitter & social media. It all started when Wendy originally told 50 Cent to get his life together after his son Marquise called him out over child support a couple weeks ago. Of course, Fif didn’t take to that too kindly and responded in true 50 Cent fashion, roasting her about her image and calling Wendy an “ugly motherfucker.” Since then, 50 has continued to mock Wendy on IG and make fun of her, and he definitely wasn’t about to stop his shenanigans on Tuesday after Wendy Williams so-called fainted & collapsed live on air. The video does look a bit suspicious, and people are questioning if it’s some sort of publicity stunt by Wendy, so you already know 50 had to call her out.

Taking to Instagram Tuesday afternoon, Fif made fun of Wendy for her “bad acting,” and for apparently over heating. “What is this🤦‍♂️it just looks like bad acting to me. 👀LOL she said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet” he captioned the IG post with.

Of course that wasn’t all he shared either. Moments ago, Fif just shared a new meme of the viral footage, that read “When you talk shit online and run into the person in real life,” which then shows Wendy fainting. 50 Cent caption the clip with “LMAO,” and for all in tents of purposes it is rather funny.

It should be noted that Wendy did update her fans following the incident and clarified that she was doing just fine. "Everybody relax Im doing just fine, just needed some water & electrolytes," she said.

Check out both the clips (below) and keep your eyes locked on 50’s IG for some comedic relief, unless you’re a Wendy Williams fan of course.